Is Dating Affected By A Lack Of A Father-Figure?

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I’m touched by this blog post. Hope it’s okay with you if I share this gem I found in the Internet.

How will you know if your boyfriend or girlfriend is meant for you by God, according to the Bible?

Single Gal Starting Over

I realized I have never had as boyfriend screened by that intimidating fatherly presence. I have never had to be nervous about introducing a boyfriend to my family because my mother is all too willing to see me coupled up.

Perhaps I should be thankful about this.

My father passed away before I ever had a single date. I remember going to my freshman year Homecoming with a  friend of mine, I remember taking the picture of me in my dress in the living room and my mom and I talked about what my dad would say if he were there. That picture, framed somewhere in my mom’s house, still makes me think about this every time I see it. Maybe that’s why mom keeps it, it was a happy night in a sad time.

I don’t remember if my friend picked me up at my house or if we…

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