The Farm at San Benito

Goodbye Summer! Too sad for a wife who missed the chance of getting into the sun with husband.

Uh-oh… not until she learned about her husband coming home with a surprise for an overnight stay at The Farm at San Benito

On his way home from SFO, I’ve grabbed my tablet to check how the place looks like, what are the amenities, etc. In retrospect, a big “YES. Let’s go!” came out of my mouth the moment I saw this –

The Farm at San Benito - swimming pool - infinity pool

The day

We like road trips. But not at that time when husband’s  dragging himself from bed – in the process of coping up from jet lag. It’s good to know that TFSB is located a few hours away from the city.

But please, if you’re planning to go there, contact The Farm first or you might end up relying to GPS apps that will provide you with the longer route.

We were greeted by amicable staffs!


  • I love how the leaves were etched on the floor.
  • Healthy food and drinks (with a bonus of The Farm’s generosity to share the recipe)
  • Extreme Customer care (what was lacking – let it pass, it is being covered by the warmth/passion of TFSB employees)
  • Left my digital camera at Alive! (TFSB resto) One of the  staff hurriedly approached us to return the camera. Thank you so much Kuya!
  • Love the itinerary-based activities (Yoga, flower arrangement activity, healthy snack time, grounding/earthing, circuit fitness training, etc.)
  • Nature!

Here are some photos to tell how we enjoyed the stay:

pool sidesummer hat


natural fruit yogurt

bench DSC08962 DSC08991

zuchini puttanesca DSC08869 DSC08890 nut milk cereals DSC08916 DSC08927 lipa city batangas mountain philippines DSC08939 DSC08940 DSC08943 DSC08948 DSC08957 DSC08970 DSC08973 DSC08987

To conclude this blog, we felt renewed from our stay at The Farm at San Benito. God willing, we wish to go back.


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