Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello readers!

Been into a 3-day convention, where the theme is all about being grateful. I’ll tell you that it’s no ordinary. These times, I hear people thanking people. Thanking one’s parent, thanking one’s boss, thanking one’s partner in life… but the MOST IMPORTANT is  forgotten.

Unlike the customary ways of man, I get to feel the feeling how it is to give thanks to our Creator. If we breathe, if we exist despite a number of bumps in life, we should Him.

Certainly, all thanks are unto the God! We should never fail to trust in Him.

This blog is themed to express the author’s cardio stuffs a.k.a feelings. It turned 6 years of existence in the web space yesterday!

life lesson

May you all be blessed.


Angela Borromeo
(204th blog post)

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