#UNTVBig10: Philippine’s Only Public Service Channel Turns 10

To hit a decade of redefined TV programming is something to celebrate! UNTV shows have aired Public Service oriented shows way back 2004 to present.

Let me walk you through the memory lane and share my short reviews on my favorite programs.

  • Good Morning Kuya – My dear, you need not to bear sugar coated morning news. What you need is truthful to set an empowered mood that you can put on for the long day ahead.
  • Bread N Butter – True to the title itself, how can an idle person eat without “bread and butter”? Kidding aside, this show educates people on how to earn money. Hard earned money which is always best than feeding your family with golds out of PDAF malversation.
  • Manibela – If I’m a dear friend of Bus/PUJ/taxi operators I’d recommend this show as part of their formal hiring orientation process.
  • Munting Pangarap – My eyes and ears are witnesses of different charity programs. But this show transcends feelings. You’ll see love when you watch this show.
  • Rise and Shine – Mommy dear, don’t push yourself too much at home. Learn smart parenting and practical lessons in life through this fun and interactive morning show.
  • UNTV Cup – Shout your week-long stress out! Get addicted to this selfless basketball league with your family.
  • Cook Eat Right – artisan, gourmet, what other words are associated to exquisite dish? Learn from this TV show and you’ll be amazed that healthy and savory food can be affordable. For wives like me, keep the magic by learning new recipes for your husband and kids.
  • Ang Dating Daan – This is an epic life changing radio/television program that I cherish all my life.

Check out the UNTV 10th year celebration details from this blog and of course through this Twitter/FB hashtag:


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