I like “bitterness”…

[Thoughts from a blogger who has been away from blogging for some time – should I call myself a blogger then?]

Thank God, it’s Friday! It is a good opportunity to say hello to my dear readers whom I missed to talk to I guess for months now. I have been up to these things lately – clients, issues, big picture, requirements, wireframe and things alike. Those things I have spelled out are on dispatch until Monday, God willing.

At this very moment, I am enjoying this leather jacket on me, while sitting at some place where the aroma of coffee is truly soothing. I should not forget to mention the low-lying lights that complements well with the music that sets this pensive mood.

Okay. Now, how do you deal with a person who brings up issues about their friends with you? How do you manage to keep a sound mind when you hear heart-wrecking stories? How… how… how?!

Are you feeling the same that you would like to hibernate like a butterfly to cut off listening to usual rants? (When all you can do is to think that these people should talk to settle their issues finally)

First, we try not to be bias when we listen. However, at some point, we might feel that the complaints (that is directed for others) slowly get into our nerves. Oh no!  Glad I am taught not to add fuel to the fire but I do – unintentionally – at times.

Why do a person turns out to be harsh (fine line between harsh and frank) and insensitive? What is it that makes a person as somebody who is always furious?

While listening to Dear Kuya this morning, I have found this treasure – we should stay away from people who easily get mad, always mad. They are capable of transmitting negative vibes on our lives.

“Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man thou shalt not go:” – Proverbs 22:24 (KJV)

I am grateful to be reminded of this. It is a therapy listening to that radio program where I hear wisdom.

To complete my blog title, I like “bitterness” only when we speak about my kind of coffee. =)

Have a blessed weekend!


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