“Isang Araw” Premiere Night to Remember

Husband took me out for an anniversary dinner date at Sofitel to watch the “Isang Araw” premiere.  It became a night of gratefulness, a night to realize the goodness of God for the whole year. I would like to share with you some of the realizations, that these bring you positive perspective in life as well.

…that God’s name is a strong refuge

…that thinking you are great will never cause any good in you

…that true friends will stick with you through good and bad times

…that there were many reasons to believe in “goodness”

…that any act of good will would never result to evil

…that we should fulfill our career on a good purpose

…that it is important to keep God’s words

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

…that we should never lose hope because there’s “One Day” to witness God’s justice


In the event, a number of artists have performed singing compositions of Mr. Public Service, Kuya Daniel Razon

Ava – “Story of My Life” (2011)

Raymond Sahor – “Ang Pagibig Mo” (2012)

Beverly – “Pangarap ng Puso” (1999)

Shane Velasco –  “Alay Sayo”

Gerald Santos – “Pangarap ng Puso”

I prefer not to pre-empt the “Isang Araw” film showing at the PICC this December 16. Let us exchange stories about the movie after that date.


It was such a pleasure to know that Kuya Daniel Razon is not a typical media man who’s only after delivering news. He showcases his talents (as film and television director and actor, singer and composer who holds concerts, and more) to help sustain UNTV’s public services. UNTV’s public service efforts include “Free Ride”, “Free College Education”, “Free Medical Assistance”, “Free Legal Assistance”, “Free Stay at the Transient Home”, etc.

His mere existence teaches a person like me to be humble and be sincere in all things that I do. He wished to continue in his service to God and to humanity. Isn’t his kind rare these days?

May you be blessed!


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