I Know God will Keep my Parents Safe

For a child waiting for her parents to come home from work, it takes a lot of patience. Remember when you are just a child waiting for mom and dad to arrive. You are in the bed, you’ve already made countless twists and turns. Oh, poor little girl, those tears streaming down her eyes are now soaking her bed, tears of waiting.

Could there be anything more fearful when you know that your parents are out there fighting against the rage of the seas, struggling to survive both the strongest typhoon in the planet and storm surge in Naga Naga, Tacloban?

That’s the story shared to me by Joyce Tabao, 27 years old, while she waited for her parents to come home. Her parents are in Tacloban for a vacation and Joyce was in Manila when typhoon Yolanda struck the coastal island of Tacloban.

Joyce recounted how she dealt with worrying of a very different manner.

“Thursday night, I contacted my parents and asked them to be ready with the fierce typhoon coming. I know Tacloban is in coastal area and this is something that we must take seriously,” said Joyce who knows well the critical situation.

With conviction she said, “I hold on to my faith, that God will take care of His servants. That Thursday night, my parents and niece attended the prayer meeting. I said to myself, ‘God would take charge’. I know that brethren in the locale of Naga Naga will take care of them.”

Joyce is a member of Members Church of God International, more popularly known as Ang Dating Daan, the phenomenal program hosted by Bro Eli Soriano.

Joyce continued: “It is like a miracle when I tried my luck contacting a relative to ask, ‘How is mama and papa?’

“They are okay. Good that they stayed at Ang Dating Daan Coordinating Center when the surge happened,” replied Joyce’s relative.

The story of Joyce touched my life. This led me to blog about her story after getting the chance to talk to her.

Trust in the Lord’s fruition to man is peace of mind, I realize. Sad to say, many people today are lack it.

When I read reports that said that Yolanda victims need to undergo stress debriefing, my trust in the Lord grows much stronger.

Amidst the worst calamity in years, it was amazing how some people can still manage to say, “God is the owner of our lives. There is no option but to trust in Him. Go on and do as He pleases.”

Bro Eli Soriano and Bro Daniel Razon zealously reminds people through Ang Dating Daan TV Program and Bible Expositions that, man should trust in God.

After all, no one can tell what tomorrow might bring.

May the leap of faith reach you.

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