If All Else Fails, Where to Turn to?

Yolanda (Haiyan) has left scars to Filipinos, most especially fellows from Visayas/Mindanao region. There are people losing hope. There are people who say they have lost everything (some lost loved ones, some lacks necessities in life like food, water, shelter, etc.) Even government officials from the affected islands were crying for help. People have not eaten for days or weeks.

They say that man becomes hopeless and helpless when all fails. Much more when circumstances are out of one’s control. What do these things try to convey?

For a second, look around and assess. Whom does a person turn to when he can no longer bear the things that are happening in his life? No one else but the One they know who is more capable of building what was destroyed, the One who is more powerful than he is, the One who created man.


Prayer is a powerful refuge. Individually or as a group with our families, we can prayer. But ponder, do you think it will be more comforting to introduce your silent pleas before Him together with your fellow citizens?

If you say yes, I’d like to invite you to please join the nationwide movement launched by Members Church of God International Leaders Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon in “Building a Prayerful Nation through Broadcast Evangelization”.

Through UNTV Community Prayer, you can join in the five slots of community prayers.

Here are the options to join the community prayer:

  • Download UNTV app and tune in everyday (Philippine time)

4am – Filipino

12 noon – Filipino

8:10pm – Filipino

10pm – English

12mn – English

  •  Log on to these sites on the schedule provided above:



  • Watch UNTV37

For more details, please access this link: http://www.elisoriano.com/bro_eliseo_soriano_to_launch_community_prayer_service_through_untv/

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