10,000+ ft. from Portland to Narita

Trans-Pacific journey or you may want to call it a long-haul flight – two options are left for me sleep or do something else. The something else could be in the form of getting a wide array of complimentary movies. What is the best thing to do? Should say maximize? Watch!


The Internship – One of the movies that made the boring lady laugh hard. Not only that it relates to most people born on 70’s nor youngsters as to how they react to the tri-color innovative ball over the web. A movie speaks about C-H-A-R-A-C-T-E-R indeed.

There are elements missing in people who consider themselves gurus, experts, specialists or whatsoever. Run down the list and detect those who lack “passion”, “team dynamics” or plainly saying have “feelings.” Power or dreams can corrupt a person but a humble heart always gets into the way (though most of the time a longshot.)

The boring lady may be in the person of the fat guy wearing headphones in the movie. Most find her stale or incompetent to social skills. Mind you, she is into things that you would be thankful for.

Wishes are whispered to the whites and blues painted in the horizons. Power hunger cannot be dissolved, not until one accepts the reality that we are all under One Authority.

Quote from wise man: Do not be harsh to people, they might be into things you would not wish experience.

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