After giving thanks

After giving thanks…

I realized…

Obedience is a key factor to obtain my greatest dream. There could be some secondary things that come into play. Focus and not be swayed by eye candies of this life. That’s it! Sounds simple, I know, but it takes a lot of work, prayers.

Good thing, our leaders stress the power of prayers every time. It can lift one up from the heaviest load he or she may have. It’s an open channel, like a one-on-one meeting room, where you can say much on how you feel to the Almighty.

When’s the last time I fall upon my knees and said, “I can’t do it”? Such a chicken. It happened again few days ago, while on a foreign land. God’s care for the nth time proved me He’s by my side.

My kind of selfie.
My kind of “selfie”

Life could be lived in peace. Inner peace.

May the blessings of the Lord extends from this place to yours.

Pray unceasingly. May this link help you find peace anytime you feel blessed, disheartened, comforted, ignored, or whatsoever.

P.S. If you have spare time, I plead you visit these sites… and power up most especially on some days you feel so alone. Spiritual companion for FREE!

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