Daniel Razon’s Voice Gives Relief to Noisy Current Filipino TV Practice

True enough! It’s nice to reminisce…

"Let my cardio speak." -Angela

[Photo from: http://danielrazon.com/en/news/1007221704/]

I braved myself to go online and to browse news today. Why “braved”? It’s because I had enough of horrible quake stories the previous week. But now I was surprised finding myself otherwise.

This post has made me realize some good points today —


We also like the fact that Daniel Razon can now be seen on TV, after a rather long hiatus. He may not be on a “major” channel, but his amiable, reasonable and sincerely empathetic announcing and hosting style is a relief after all those loud, livid and self-absorbed “news and views” personalities out there who make local TV such a clangorous three-ring circus.” (Excerpts from Inquirer Showbiz & Style 03/27/2011 – Comebacks contagious, Nestor Torre)

Mr. Daniel Razon,  CEO of UNTV station has been spearheading its ‘Public Service’ effort which is remarkably touching lives of so many people.

    Photo from http://danielrazon.com/en/news/1007221704/
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