UNTV on its 9th Fruitful Year in Public Service

People are accustomed to entertainment shows on TV. The usual concept of entertainment revolved around dancing, singing, tele-dramas and showbiz gossips. For all you know, the mere intention to delight the viewers inflicted negative effect on the society.

Some shows infused the normalization of two-piece apparels worn by dancers on national broadcast. Other shows left the concept of “revenge” when treated badly by other people. Come on admit it, even cartoons or anime shows have that as the highlight. How about the endless gossips about showbiz celebrities who separate – is that something valuable to air on TV? Oh please.

I am all aware of the social media issues. Good thing there is a singled out television station who detoured from the customary shows. UNTV 37 on its 9th year continues to bring quality shows that promote:

  • Values
  • Public Service
  • Education
  • Uncoated News for Social Awareness
Image from Official UNTV Facebook Page

Learn more about the station by clicking this link.

Kuya Daniel Razon as guided by Bro Eli makes it a point that television programs housed in UNTV do not deviate from the teachings in the Bible. That said, safe for our kids!

More power to the Public Service Channel, UNTV 37!

Have a blessed week ahead,


P.S. Please join us in celebrating on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Place your greetings to UNTV using this hash tag – #UNTV9thAnniv


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