A Portion of the Multitude

I belong to a religious denomination who have been taught of being grateful to God. Some may say that their church leader the same way also educates them… but I beg to disagree.

I was exposed to a variety of obscure doctrines before arriving to the true Church. None of them ever explained the context of giving thanks for “everything.”

“Everything” encompasses what they call “mishaps”, challenges in life, career, day-to-day learning, material possessions, safe loved ones, good health, and so much more. How can I imagine God’s care when I am sound asleep or His care in every blink of my eye? What could have happened when He’s not there?

On top of it all, I give thanks for His calling. That changed my perspective in life, what they see as bad, is actually good – on certain provisions. Kindly read Romans 8:28.

Thanks be to God!

Have a blessed month ahead.

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