Filipino Taxi Drivers Share Social Responsibility

Hello Dear Readers,

I have bad experiences dealing with taxi drivers all my life until I have heard the news from UNTV-Ito Ang Balita.

If I were to analyze it, the advocacy of Kuya Daniel Razon benefits people in two folds,

  1. It gives the taxi drivers an opportunity to partake in social responsibility – to rescue people involved in road accidents. We all know that good deeds are priceless.
  2. People involved in an accident would be provided with Basic Life Support – first aid.

It feels great to hear good news!

Kuya Daniel Razon (as guided by Bro Eli Soriano) is a blessing to us Filipinos with God’s help and mercy.

For taxi drivers out there who aspire to be rescuers on field (Tulong Muna Bago Pasada) feel free to contact:

(0938) 803 0777 – Smart

(0926) 633 5744 – Globe

(0923) 416 1377 – Sun

(02) 4418688 -PLDT

All grateful,


P.S. Kindly visit this site. It brings me hope, so many public services being offered.

This is my 143th post. Love!

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