Rise and Shine for the 2013 Philippine National Elections

Yesterday, woke up 7 am to get myself prepared to vote. I had my roster of candidates prepared. The names for the 12 senators, party list, mayor, vice mayor,  4 congressional representatives and 4 councilors are on my mobile.

Aunt called up and said, “Don’t forget to bring any national identification card.” She even prepared me a sandwich and iced cold bottled water for survival. When we get there, she proved hunch that it is going to be a long day for us.

Aunt, grandma and I reached the National Public School in our place and taa daa! S-Line of voters have welcomed us. Grandma and aunt were asked by the chairperson to proceed to the senior citizen priority lane. While I patiently waited for 3 long hours to get my hands on the ballot and taste the fun of shading (it brings back kindergarten days, shade the correct answer.) It is all worth it!

What inspired me to vote?

Our leader encourages us to execute our right to vote and observe free will. I am so happy that even in voting we practice what the Bible is suggesting. I am not the best person to discuss the what, why and how on how it was written. Bro Eli is the best person to ask.

All I know is, the gift of understanding, that men were given free will is so amazing!

43Philippine National Election2

Thanks be to God, I casted my vote and arrived home safely.

Have a blessed week ahead!


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