Much brisk walking and a little jogging

Exercise. It’s a necessity to survive. Now’s the time to do it. No ifs, no buts.

I just broke the usual routine. House chores –> clear up tasks counter in the office –> cross out the items on a “cheerful wife’s to do list”.

What is this all about? I just simply inserted a new activity…few hours to brisk walk and a little jogging.

brisk walking

I am looking forward to its great benefits with God’s help. Brisk walking promises improvement in brain power, cuts down heart risk and improves respiratory system performance tied up with proper diet. One striking benefit I’ve learned is that it can help promote positive outlook in life and a good way to reduce, if can’t totally avoid, stress.

As Bro Eli mentioned in his tweet, “Keep yourself busy on things you enjoy doing. Have regular exercise, and drink chamomile tea!”

Have a great week ahead friends!


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