Time to Sit Down & Reflect

Found this on my mobile phone. It was supposed to be published last May. 🙂


@Yellow M spending valuable time blogging… 5:58pm


Say hello to second quarter of the year. It’s true that we need to focus on the present and plan ahead for the future.

But pardon me for disagreeing with the “Past is past.” principle. There’s something I try to juice out from what has happened. It’s good to sit down & reflect from time to time. Be the better you with the Almighty’s help & mercy.

On career

  • Receive performance commendations
  • Accomplished to dos for the past quarter

What’s the sense of claiming the credit when I am completely aware that the Almighty provides me life to perform my day to day tasks, gives me clear mind to respond to queries/ provide decisions for the team, peace of mind & understanding to share with workmates. Now tell me, was it all because I am good? No. It’s because of His mercy & guidance. That I call BLESSINGS.

On being a wife

  • Cooked 7 new dishes that earned praises from my husband, friends & family.
  • Prepared daily packed food.


Not because I am a superwoman, it’s because of this.


To God be the glory!


May you have a blessed week ahead.


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