Happy 32nd Anniversary to Ang Dating Daan

A lot has happened during the past weeks. And I am fully aware that there’s more to come if God permits to give me life tomorrow and the succeeding days. Proper perspective is important to keep us going. It can’t be bought by money. It can’t be given to you by your beloved husbands or wives. But I’m deeply grateful to the Lord for His instruments, our leaders, Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, who were into preaching, 24 x 7 – through radio, television, Internet and in person covering almost the whole face of the planet.


How would you like to work when you’re sick and disturbed by the medications you are taking? That’s a big challenge for somebody who considers herself amateur to her new work. It’s hard to think and beat the deliverable in such condition. But then again, the teachings – “God will provide…” has walked me through during those times. And also the reminders like, “you don’t work for your own benefit…” or something like, “He heals…” has helped a lot to trust in what He can do all the more.

Challenging work.

How does it feel for a mediocre student to take the lab work with limited time? Or, how is it to be called by your professor in front of the class to solve a Differential Calculus problem? The intensity doubles at work when you are  fully aware that you badly need to survive to make both ends meet. Now it’s still a wonder to me how people approach me to be of help in various situations and make me walk out of the hall way after work without bringing tons of tasks which I need to continue at home.

Breath of competitive role players.

To start with, I work because of Him. There’s a purpose why I fulfill my day to day task in the office. My husband and I clearly understands that we are not subjecting ourselves to be picked as top performers at whatsoever level. We never have to take off the Christian in us at work. The being that’s expected to manifest from us is there and I am deeply thankful that I need not to impress to express that I am actually working. I’d rather work and feel like I’m at home than work even from home to feel that I’m somebody!

Security.Road  Safety.

Praying and singing praises are effective safety measures in this unstable world. How was it like riding on a small car and kept in between two killer buses for an hour daily?

As we listen to songs of praise we somehow feel secured. It’s plus points as well. when you tune in to Radio La Verdad 1350  station and hear Bro. Eli preaching!

Thanks to the Almighty for the wonderful thought!

I have so much in my list but then I need to attend to my errands. I just want to greet Ang Dating Daan a Happy 32nd Anniversary! 🙂

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