So here comes the busy days…

I’m not in New York but this week started putting me in a scenario that I was like there. Busy life. Yes!

Last Sunday I braved myself to goodbye to our house helper. I want peace at home. No more heartaches. I mentioned the term “brave” since I’m about to take on some of her tasks as she exits her role.

It’s been 3 days portraying a true blue career woman image. Though my body’s tired, I know deep inside I’m happy and fulfilled. I’ve been taking care of dishes, preparing packed food, breakfast and dinner. My husband’s magical smile when he sees what I prepared of is truly REWARDING. It’s just like being marked as – “Significantly Above Peer Group” performance rating. Yeah! 🙂

I water the plants, prepare the bed, clean up a bit plus all other usual things that a homemaker does. Well then, see you next time and I’m wishing everyone a blessed week. 😉

All grateful to the Almighty,

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