August 2012 is about to say goodbye uh-oh

Oh-yeah Holidays

There are two long weekends in Manila (Philippines.)  Hope you enjoyed the vacation with your loved ones! Oops. The 2nd long weekend’s just about to end by tomorrow. Tuesday’s gonna send  me back to the ‘real world.’ my city work desk. Hehe

Good Lessons in Life

Express to be heard. Valuable things are just around the corner, opportunity to make way, understand and compromise – but mind you, it expires and comes rarely. 🙂

‘Habagat’ has left memories to Filipinos – maybe most will tell, it left them worries and heartaches, for others ‘bayanihan‘ here in the Philippines is quite notable. But for me, I see it as the Almighty’s power. We are helpless and dependent to His loving hands. What others are telling is certainly wrong. Some people blame Him for such natural disasters. One second. They shall know about this.

Same with the death of Robredo, Armstrong, and our  politician neighbor – it just magnifies the fact to me that nobody can outrun His hands when He decides that it’s time to put a person to sleep.

Bible Exposition

I feel blessed to attend to both #BibleExpo Fridays held this month. I’ve met new friends who were Bible enthusiasts too! The most special thing is the learning from the international tele-evangelist Bro. Eli Soriano 😀

To my dear reader, please see my sweet treats to share with you this month:
The Twitter pages are – and

Thanks be to God!

Have a blessed week!
Angela Borromeo

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