A Compilation of Daily Musings

Sharing some reflections…


  • Mornings make me remember I owe everything to You! ♥
  • dear brother reached out to me to point out things that I might have done better… Thanks be to God for making him an instrument for me to appreciate that He watches over from above and that He never fails… ♥
  • This is what it takes following Him. It’s sweet to sigh then smile. ♥ ;'( 🙂
  • I feel His mercy every time I honestly admit to myself, “I don’t know where to start.” ♥
  • It’s okay that you step into my toes rather than me stepping on yours. #musings #sigh #learning #endure #prayer
  • Body is weak but heart’s so secured and happy.
  • Thanks be to God for every beat of my heart.
  •  When all seems to be unfair, PRAY.
  • Learn to love. Keep silent upon doing good. The word sorry can help you a lot. It is not good to find yourself in others. Let their eyes pop out and take charge of the liability. Be happy when someone was graced. Don’t buy cymbals to announce you being grand. A friendly reminder will water you to grow.”

Have a blessed week ahead.


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