My mobile semi-kitchen

Hello Readers,

We have different rules being imposed in our respective homes. I’d like to share mine when it comes to maintaining my kitchen.

I do the day-to-day cooking via my mobile kitchen to keep the indoor kitchen away from oil, spills, stains, etc.

Outdoor Mobile Kitchen
a cabinet for condiments, spices – herbs, etc.

I was inspired by this mobile kitchen. So I asked our friend, Joel to create simpler version for our meek home.  With this I get to have the stove, mini kitchen top for food preparation, dishtowel holder and a cabinet to store condiments and spices in one!

dishtowel holder
dishtowel holder
mobile kitchen in action
mobile kitchen in action

Result: My indoor kitchen is kept clean, free from oil, spills, stain…

natural air to dry the dishes

You might ask me why I have a candle beside the clean dishes and vegetables soaked in water. It’s because of the fly (insect), my grandma told me to light up a candle to shoo away the fly if it accidentally lands on your place, especially when preparing food.

At home, we soak fruits and veggies in water overnight to lessen the chemicals if can’t totally do away with them… (haha)

Relin for dish-washing, Safeguard for hand-wash, Cif for stain-removal especially on chopping board

Tip: Keep the sink dry to avoid hard water stain. 🙂

Sharing another set of tips to clean your house the green way by Paul Müller

Have a blessed week ahead,


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2 thoughts on “My mobile semi-kitchen

  1. Super Love your Kitchen sis. Tama yan mas ok nasa Labas yung Stove. Hindi Welcome ang Dust. Kasi Madaling kumapit ang Dust sa mga Ma-oily. Nakakasira pa ng Pintura ng Bahay. Saka sabi ni Kuya, It’s not good to our Health yung “smoke” kapag nagluluto ka.

  2. Correct po. It’s nice to be guided by our leaders, Bro Eli and Bro Daniel kahit pati sa health or housekeeping. 🙂

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