My heart’s with my friends who don’t understand me

What’s the talk of the town? “Amazing Spiderman,” it is.

How can I forget the Spiderman 1? It was the first movie I watched with some college friends a long time ago.

After Spiderman 1, I never stepped inside any cinema house. If you’re wondering why, approach me and I’ll tell you the whole story behind it.

My good old friends can’t seem to accept the big changes in my life. They have so many questions on what has happened. Why’s my hair this long? Why did I lose my sense of fashion – jeans, white polo, tribal necklace, pearls, etc.? Why am I absent on weekends that they spend for good times? Why am I declining invitations to be their bridesmaid, to attend to their Christmas parties, etc.? Why am I not drinking beer? Why am I refusing to eat at their place? Why am I not wearing wedding ring? And so on…

There were times I get to answer their questions. But after sharing my piece, I feel dissatisfied with what I said. It boils down to the same conclusion – it’s better best if they hear what I heard. I know they’re following me here. Hope one day, when they get to stumble upon this blog post, they open these links and see the answers to their whys. Here you go:

Bro. Eli is the international evangelist who has been an instrument that led me to all these changes in my life.   I am hoping that by reading his blog and tweets, you (my friend) will understand why I decided to take the detour.

To my dear friends, what I am before no longer fits with the things I’ve learned from my leaders. I found the best with God’s help.

Have a blessed day,

Angela Borromeo

P.S. Can’t please everybody. But note that this blog does not discriminate. This is open even to those who don’t like me.

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