Sincere feedback on your service

Hi Readers,

I’d just like to share with you my feedback to a car dealer written early this week. No heartaches anymore, just plain and bold feedback.

Hope this helps,
Angela Borromeo


Hello Customer Care Officer,

I am writing this email to express my thoughts on your customer service since the day I inquired about buying a new car from your dealer at .

1. I did ask for a quotation during lunch time and none addressed the details I needed not until I phoned your dealer’s office 4 times about the following:
– color
– down payment
– inquiry on rates when channeling through company privilege of obtaining my subsidy benefit for the car loan
Sad to say the excitement was replace by dissatisfaction. Please understand that this is my first car purchase. At that point, I was filled with so much questions in mind that were left unattended until I tried to reach out to your people several times.
2. When I decided to push through the purchase, the agent asked me for the preference, I opted for Sunshine Copper/ Sunset Copper but sad to say on the date that I’ll place the DP, the agent said that it was no longer available. He even said that dust gray is better and the option I first placed is undesirable but I told him it was one of my favorite colors. That might be small, thus gradient area, but still customer satisfaction matters. By that, again, I’m dissatisfied.
3. At the time of payment the agent wasn’t able to advise me on the following action items – not until the day that I’ll place my DP. Is he new to the company?
– DP to be deposited on BPI only. Imagine I rushed all the way to BDO but on the phone call, he said that it should be paid thru BPI?
– There’s a TPL fee. It was not explained well to me initially so I was surprised and needed to borrow some cash to fill in.
– Unclear discussion about the insurance. Nobody told me initially if its okay to channel it through BDOI. At first, all I knew was I can purchase it to <Car Company>, but how come at the time I am signing my loan at BDO, here’s the scenario of asking me to purchase BDOI. Should the car loan provider and the car dealer talked first? On the date that I decided to settle all things at <Car Company-branch>, the agent was not there. We arrived at around 3:15 in the afternoon. The agent arrived for almost an hour and nobody except a good man at the reception welcomed us and kept us updated that the agent is still not around.
4. Prior to the scheduled car tint, nobody told us that the car will be put on queue (about 5th to the cars lined up that day,) we thought that by appointment advised by your company, everything’s well upon entrusting the unit. But what happened was, they asked my father-in-law to wait for hours since it’s a busy day for them. My father-in-law went back home to to wait and went back again to to settle things up. See the hassle? It could have been avoided by proper appointment system.
5. Lastly, we are unfortunate to meet an accident last month. An elf truck (who’s struggling to break) hit the car. This called up for insurance assistance which was cleared, and so the LOA is at hand now. What I am sad about is that I just called up to get an update. Can’t they drop me a call for the development? Should I be the one chasing them to be aware of what’s happening. When can the said parts be delivered? Sad.

Honestly, the reason that I bought the unit is because of the promised fuel efficiency and quality. But that doesn’t end my expectations from the reputable company. I am highly expecting good customer service experience. That said, please take some action to address the issues I went through/ still going through dealing with your people. Hope you realize how it was being on these shoes.


Respectfully yours,
Angela Borromeo

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