Meeting will start in 7 minutes…


Hope all’s well today. Just would like to share this simple thought I’ve learned from my brother.

“If there’s a person always ranting and shares negative thoughts with you, don’t add fuel to the fire. Help him see the light and pacify him.”

Have a blessed day.
Angela Borromeo

Published by angelaborromeo

Biblically amazed!

3 thoughts on “Meeting will start in 7 minutes…

  1. Thanks for this reminder, Angela. Really needed it. When faced with a forest fire, so to speak, it’s sometimes not easy to quench but with God’s help, I hope I can apply this more.

  2. Thanks be to God!

    Thanks for dropping by etherealgift. I’m happy that somehow this post became an instrument in reminding us that we won’t benefit any single good thing from supporting negative thoughts.

    We have the same hope. May you be blessed.

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