This is what I do at home. At least, today.

Change of weather-sans-Angela.

My body’s not used to the freaking weather change. It’s as if scheduling my sick leave from work.

Got 10+ hrs of sleep due to fever (of course comes with heart body ache) since yesterday. I’m a bit okay now and have decided to conduct house check.

#1 Fix broken hair clips and pony tails. Check!

repair or recycle

Some hair stuffs that were left noticed for years were ready to be of service to the little girls again.  I’m so glad that this ancient (ha ha) glue gun still works.

#2 Fancy tiles. How can I use them? Check!

From Ate Michelle (05.2007)
These fancy tiles were ornaments from our previous house.

Drillin’ is not an option until I find a new reliable house helper. I can’t stand the dusty aftermath. But I can still use them as paper weight. Glad I found them use. Oh how I hate storing stuffs (well, since I got married.)

new role: paper weight

#3 Re-arrange/ re-design home work space. Check!

work table at home

Have a blessed weekend!Feels better as of writing. Just need to doze off and must read Barbara Carkenord’s book later.


P.S. I find this worth sharing to be updated with local news. It’s an online radio (which is public service inspired.)

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