C is for Charity. C is for Concert.


Sing and Shoot Part 2 @ Smart Araneta, June 11, 2012 7pm-12am

Concert and a basketball game’s no ordinary if held for the sake of charity. I must admit that I can’t say no for a humble invitation from a friend to attend to that event the second time around. Everything’s sweet and meaningful.

Nina – “The Philippine’s Soul Siren”
Celebrities vs. Public Servants – Part 2
Veteran basketball commentators, Sev Sarmienta and Ronnie Magsanoc

Just want to share this blog while I’m on the mood reminiscing what our heroes fought for. They fought for independence, they fought for Filipinos’ right to attain education, decent living and be freed from slavery.

Sad but true, most men today discriminates the undergrads. Most were after degrees, titles, certificates, or simply, “educational attainment.” That was the main reason why public servant, Mr. Daniel Razon, conceptualized the Sing and Shoot concert (Part 1-2, hopefully there’ll be Part 3).  He came into this project to provide FREE education as inspired by Bro. Eli Soriano.

The campaign is unique, apart from the FREE tuition fee, students were provided FREE meals, FREE books, FREE uniforms, FREE access to facilities, etc. It’s something like, “Make the most out of it (practicing CHARITY.)”

Kuya Daniel Razon, Mr. Public Service
Bro. Eli Soriano

Music enthusiasts and basketball fanatics met in the Araneta coliseum to support the project and of course enjoy the night. The basketball game ended up  a tie between celebrities and public servants! 🙂 Which I hope will lead to… Sing and Shoot part 3! Woohoo!

A draw between Public Servants and Celebrities!

Hopin’ that you enjoyed Philippine Independence Day with your loved ones…

Have a blessed week ahead,


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