It is all about sincerity and Public Service.

A Fan Blog for Kuya Daniel Razon

Last March 19, we had a fun-filled evening at the Smart Araneta Coliseum as a sea of people were amused by guest performing artists and public service personalities through a mini concert and exhibition basketball game called “Sing and Shoot”. This project aims to support La Verdad Christian College’s expenses in providing free college education to poor but deserving students.

Behind the Scene

We, the fans of Kuya Daniel, were lucky enough to get back stage passes to speak with key celebrities who participated in the basketball game. Inside the celebrities’ dugout, Mr. Kier Legaspi was extremely accommodating and helped us by introducing us to his celebrity buddies. Such a kind and humbling gesture!

We asked comedian “Bentot” what is his favorite public service project of Kuya Daniel Razonand he replied: “Favorite na project ko kay Kuya Daniel? Marami eh. Isa na yung libreng sakay…

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