Today is Thursday

Team is busy playing ‘Taboo.’ Apart of the loving and productive working group, what else can I ask for?

It’s a good music listening to their laughter. It’s feels great that everybody’s spending a quality lunch break. 🙂

I’m excused, I have to check on the progress of an incoming build bulk of work. I have found an issue that needs to be addressed by a workmate before I can proceed with the task. That gave me a reason to peep on my Twitter account to check what’s happening outside.

I felt happy that there’s still a television station in the Philippines who is sincere in living up to their tag-line. I am referring to UNTV 37, “Your Public Service Channel.” I have read this news about their effort in providing free education to our fellow citizens who can’t afford to go to school.

Imagine they are doing this in partnership with DepEd thru ‘mobile school‘! Wow! Hope to see more smiles from the public service efforts that UNTV provides.

I’m wishing UNTV all the best!


Angela Borromeo

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