Sunday blog rush!

It’s been a month-long focus stint. Have I been careless? Have I been too careful? Did I, at some point, lose my head and failed to trust Him?

I am sorry for the “lost” hours, weeks and days. I must have been a better wife leaving all the stressful stuffs behind.

I told him this afternoon. “I need to go to the supermarket to grab some goodies for an office event.”

He said, “Get dressed! Let’s go.”

I was thinking it was a perfect afternoon until I dropped the buzz phrase, “I’m stressed. Yada… yada… yada..” He looked at me with the face, yes, “the face filled with whooping annoyance!”

We reached the mall and he asked me to go with him for a while in the arcade. So we played. I won’t deny it. I was like a 7-year old girl gunning zombies down. It ended up -“GAME OVER.” I was even blaming the programmer and even said “it doesn’t work well.” It was fun!

The fun didn’t end up inside the noisy place. Supermarket hide and seek seem to be an effective stress antidote also.

At the end of the day, I am now thinking. I should pray. I should pray really hard!

Now! Stress? Flush that out!

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