Bohol 2011: Sharing pieces of our Bohol experience

I wish to share to you -aside from some pics- is our Bohol itinerary.

First Day
Mang Tino picks us up at the airport and tours us to the succeeding points.
Loboc Place
Historical Blood Compact
Loboc River/ Floating river restaurant
Snake Exzootic
Tarsier Sanctuary
Butterfly Sanctuary
Chocolate Hills @Carmen – 214 steps
Le Elephant Bleu
Panglao Beach
Dinner @ 149Php (Whole Roasted Chicken – Pandan, Lemongrass marinade)

Second Day
Panglao Beach
Breakfast @Le Elephant Bleu (see my post2: Happy Anniversary Le Elephant Bleu)
Bohol Bee Farm @Dauis
Mag-aso Falls @Albuquerque 197 steps
Vest Pension House
Dinner @Bohol Tropic Restaurant

Third Day
Breakfast @Vest Pension House
Island City Mall (ICM)
Tagbilaran Local Market

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Prepare checklist of what to bring.

Backpackers checklist
1. Alcohol
2. Wet wipes
3. Dry napkins
4. Sanitary napkins (girl thing!)
5. Basic first aid kit
6. Mosquito Repellant
7. Sunblock
8. Waterproof bag (for stuffs you need to leave by the beach shore)
9. Lightweight towel (in case you’re like me who don’t use towels in the hotel)
10. Hat, shades
11. Biscuits and refillable water bottles or tumblers
12. Plastics for wet clothes
13. Lightweight clothes
14. Flash light

“Do remember that liquids should not be more than 100ml, else you have to leave them at the airport.”

Extra tips:
1. Buy a gallon or half a gallon distilled water for your stay to avoid pricey bottled drinking water.
2. Buy souvenirs @Snake Zootic/ Tagbilaran local market to save up a bit.
3. Loboc river dine in gives you a fun experience. If your palate is somehow high in standards, I advice that you search for other restos nearby.

Other info.:
Security: Le Elephant Bleu near the police station. But of course, do not ignore basic security precautions you observe back in the city.
Bank: ATM Machines nearby
Bohol locals: Very warm and hospitable
Food: Recommends Bohol Tropic (viand ranges from 80 to 250 pesos, tastes really good) and Roasted Chicken (170 Php) and Elephant Bleu ranges from 100 to 150 Php)
Entrance Fees: Ranges from 30-50 Php
Tourist Van: Ranges from 4,000 to 4,500 (8hrs/day, inclusive of gas fee). I do recommend Mang Tino, if you want to know his contact number, just PM me.
Local Transport (Tricycle): 8 to 10 Php
No heavy traffic jam
Bohol activities are reasonably priced.
But just the same a finance consultant @Reader’s Digest advice:  “Don’t spend more than what you earn.”

Post vacation
Get up early and brace yourselves, be ready for work.

Bohol Trip Rating: 

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