28th on the 28th

“Who could have thought of holding a concert like that?” — a question that popped out of my mind while attending Kuya Daniel Razon’s Story of My Life concert at the Araneta coliseum on November 28, 2011.

Daniel Razon

The dome was filled with people who acknowledged Kuya Daniel’s 28 years in Public Service that night. His sincerity and commitment to his advocacy has led him to the vibrant idea of putting up a concert while granting small wishes of his special guests who happens to be less fortunate people.

Araneta Coliseum

Kuya Daniel Razon brings three very important disabled people on stage instead of inviting prominent artists in the industry today. Mang Johnny, Francia, and Marivic Chen. Mang Johnny is a blind old man who sings and plays guitar on a footbridge in Ortigas. Francia is a crippled woman who wished to perform on stage and earned standing ovation from the crowd. Marivic Chen is a blind woman who has to sing 50 songs a day to earn her family’s living. They all showcase their talent in singing; not to mention the goods, scholarship, and cash handed to them.

Daniel Razon Concert

Daniel Razon Concert

Daniel Razon Concert

It’s a rare opportunity to perform in front of 10K+ audience and a a great blessing to receive warm acceptance of people. My eyes have seen and felt how Kuya Daniel passes on the virtue of being considerate to people who were considered as liabilities of this society.  I am thankful to God for having known people like Bro. Daniel Razon and Bro. Eli Soriano.

Eli Soriano Daniel Razon

Happy 28 years in service Kuya Daniel!

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