Pacquiao vs Marquez Captivates Tourist’s Attention over Tarsiers

MannyPacquiao’s fight with Marquez makes me witness how town people stop operating their business for a while to witness the punches thrown by the “Pound per Pound King.”

It’s a unanimous decision that Manny takes the beacon. If you are here, you can feel the warmth and support that people show for his fight with Marquez. Not to mention, some prayed before the rematch starts. “And this is another glory for our country,” according to some of our countrymen in the tarsier sanctuary I was in few hours ago.

These happenings led me to contemplate.

Some people down the streets are waiting for left-over food from the fast food chains nearby. Here am I, witnessing them and on the other frame, those people shouting, praying for the sports hero’s victory.

“Have they singled out a moment to pray for these less fortunate people?”

Pure musings and nothing more than self assessment this post is all about. If somehow it touched your heart, I pray that you’ll be blessed doubly to reach out to people in your own little ways.

Why am I thinking about these things under the sun? This man has touched my heart. He finds ways to reach out to people.

Good day blog readers.

Have a peaceful week ahead.


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