An honorary award triggers reminiscing

My husband and I graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Those days that we need to catch up with interminable demands of college work that time I see now as blessings.

I am thankful to God for my experiences in PUP.

~ Thanks for the times of struggle to meet project deadlines.

~ Thanks for the times we need to manage stress / near exasperation.

~ Thanks for the chance to meet different kinds of people (diversity in character, belief, physique, values, preferences, etc.)

~ Thanks for good friends whom I’ve shared my laughters and tears.

And for one of the best blessings I received while studying in PUP – having known my husband. A man who is certain on his views in life and indeed God-fearing. He’s my tutor in our programming class, my trainer in my basketball subject, my spotter when I was a cheerleader – flyer, my thesis group leader and my number one fan (confidence booster).

There was a magical feeling during the graduation day. My husband and I were the last to march in the aisle in our batch to kick start the moving up ceremony. With God’s help, mercy, guidance and great Love, we were both ranked ‘Cum Laude.’ Never did we expect to be regarded as good students in our batch. We both believe that it is God who made things possible all these years.

All these reminiscing were triggered by some good news I’ve heard this morning. –

PUP conferred Mr. Daniel Razon (CEO of UNTV) the doctorate degree Honoris Causa Doctor of Humanities. I’m so happy that I’ve been a part of a university who awards honorary appreciation to big-hearted individuals like Dr. Razon.

(Further readings @PUP site: and Mr. Razon’s Fan Blog: )

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel “Public Servant” Razon!

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