Never belittle a single zit…

I noticed a tiny round reddish stuff on my face last Monday. Thinking it was just the usual transient baby pimple on my face, I decided to rush to our fridge to get some ice cubes. I use ice cubes to somehow avoid the itchiness a pimple brings. That seemed to be an effective remedy for my complaining skin until last Tuesday when that decade old solution introduced something terrible.

Tuesday, surroundings of the pimple got inflamed. Oh boy, did it mutate to acne or something?!
With my demanding schedule, I didn’t notice that it’s already Tuesday and the zit turned into a horrible monster occasionally secreting pus. (hu hu)

My husband was a bit nervous and said that it might be worse than acne, “It could be a boil honey…,” followed by words that try to console my weary skin. I mean – weary heart.
I decided to visit our occupational physician the next day and learned that it was all about an infection. He said that my hands might have carried the cause why my pimple got infected and irritated the surrounding skin.

He prescribed an antibiotic, pain killer and cleaning solutions to totally combat the infectious bacteria. I asked, “Doc, it’s not even painful. Can I let go of the pain killer intake?” He said no. Of course it was supplemented with an explanation.

Trivia: Pain killer medicine is not just to relieve you from excruciating pain. It also contains substance that speeds up the healing process, it helps open wound to dry faster. Aside from this he said that I am wrong in my intuition that this is a boil. He explained that a boil sprouts in body parts that form moisture; those which were usually hidden/covered.

Aside from the medical explanations, I am exceedingly grateful to God for people who showed concern even to this little problem that made my week. My husband, aunt, grandma, office mates, who assembled as cheering squad pushing me to visit a physician on top of my piled up workload.

I am still blessed. Each day, on my way home, I see people who seemed to be emotionally ill. This thing on my face made me realize so many things. Thanks be to God.
A golden nugget this week: “Never belittle a single zit because it can lead somebody to be all the more grateful.”

Have a blessed weekend,

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