How is it to be a daughter-in-law?

I guess most of the married women can relate to my blog title. Some might share their violent reactions, they’re much welcome here. My mailbox is too ready to welcome your flaming comments. =)

Last Saturday my husband and I decided to join his (our) mom and dad in waiting for her youngest sister’s prom – it was on wee hours though. But it was really fun. There were a lot of good old stories we shared for almost two hours!

The next day, it’s Sunday bliss. We feasted on dad’s kare kare (stew with peanut sauce) during lunch, pasta during merienda and potato fries a la carte in between. Is it all about food that made us feel so blissful that day? No, definitely not.

The day ended leaving happy memories. I’ve got the chance to contemplate during our transit on our way home. I was asking myself, “Why am I hearing a lot of horror in-law stories from my peers?” Then answer’s really prompt –

“Maybe because they don’t like to see beauty in things that seem to be imperfect. They never wanted to reach out and share some kindness to them. Or their might be caged in their own high egos and self destructing pride?” These things were not my game; with His help my wish is to live a simple and peaceful with my significant other and his loved ones.

A wise man shared this to me, “Learn to love even the seemingly unlovable people.” He’s speaking of the “unlovable,” how much more with the in-laws who were actually your family from the time I committed yourself to my better half. Good thoughts seem to help. “Learn to love and good things will follow.” More than the good food, that’s the golden nugget I’ve learned this week.

Thanks be to God.

Have a blessed week ahead,

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