Why So Heartless?

Views on bus bombing (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12285411) last Tuesday.

How can people be so heartless to take away someone else’s life? Perpetrators, when they have a wound, would they dare to clean it with alcohol? Of course they won’t, it’s painful. They were all aware how it is to feel hurt but nonetheless, they kill.

Things happening aren’t new. Merciless people still exists. It’s just saddening that most of the victims in the recent bus bombing were breadwinners. What will happen to their dependents? (Sigh)

This is says true –
“A logical question follows: Aside from God, is there anybody who has a right to take life from a human person? The logical answer is: “Thou shall not kill”. Killers and murderers under any circumstance are not of God.” (from: http://bit.ly/9XYCU4)

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