I’ll stick to my maiden name

It’s 2011. Events happened so fast.
I am now married with the good man I met 7 years ago. With God’s help and mercy we’re starting a new chapter of our lives.

There were a number of well wishers whom I thank God for. Since we broke the news about our relationship, friends, families, and online buddies started to express their happiness that finally we’ll tie the knot. May they be blessed.

Being a good wife is another serious challenge I have to face. I, myself, can’t do anything about it. I am all dependent to God’s help. I wish to share some pieces of my married life here on my blog soon.

My blog url will remain the same.

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Biblically amazed!

2 thoughts on “I’ll stick to my maiden name

  1. yes with God’s help, you’ll be a good wife. He’ll also be a good husband, with God’s help, for sure 🙂

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