The Simplest Way to be a Peacemaker

If there’s one thing I most appreciate in this busy life, it’s when I get to escape from all the pollutants and run to my haven to reflect.

We learn from the “what-has-happened.” Few years back (when I was a little younger) I talk and act carelessly. I thank God for having learned from the past.

When we speak, we can uplift our/ somebody else’s spirit, we can impart wisdom, we can promote positive environment. But on the other hand, we can hurt ourselves or other people and that can leave life time scar in their inner being. We can kill people by words. Every single word that comes out of our mouth is our sole responsibility. Nobody can force anyone to say it if he doesn’t like to.

My daily musing led me to the conclusion — I’ll hurt less if I speak less. Or, I won’t cause pain if I won’t say a word at all. That works!

Spill it all out and do the word-attack, what’s up after?; a broken relationship, a mad boss, a furious mom or dad? It’s not worth it. It will just boil down to the word that’s always present in most endings, “REGRETS.”
Don’t speak when you’re mad. Count ‘1 to n’ silently and let the fuming sensation go out of your system. It’s hard. Man is used to speaking, it’s for FREE. But once we learn to stop mouth’s work at some special instances (like provoking conversations) we’ll be surprised with the result. Would it hurt us not to answer back with the voice that almost shakes up the floor?

By the time that we feel we’re okay and the height of the unwanted feeling has passed, pray and think. What has to be done? What needs to be addressed? Am I the problem or it’s just a matter of comma or period to end up things that caused you one more wrinkle? Thoughts like, “it’s okay…” or “let it be…” are the usual things that a forgiving heart knows. That’s the better YOU.

Self control is a good exercise. That stays true.

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