Angela’s super wish to give thanks made her fly

MNL – 02:24 PM | SLC – 12:24 AM | JFK 02:24 AM

This is Angela Borromeo blogging while up in the air, 10,000 feet bound to New York. Airport is not so busy – time stamp 11:45 pm boarding – I super love this schedule.

Awhile ago, I was at the right most seat when a lovely old woman (around seventy years old) seated on my left with his husband. They were lovely old couple calling one another “honey”. I was quiet that time hoping that boarding gates will be opened sooner than expected.

As I enjoy my silence I noticed the old woman looking at me as if she wants to start a conversation.
I felt that it might be a chance to make somebody feel good so I smiled at her. I was right. She started the conversation by asking, “Are you alone? I mean, flying by yourself.” And I said , “Yes I am.” (How I wish to have replied “Opo.” My mind translated it, “Yes”… delivered as soft as I can)

I think she felt comfortable, she asked other questions like, “Where are you going? Are you going back to Utah? Are you a permanent resident here? Do you live with your parents? What’s your occupation?”

I did honestly answer all those questions. Time for me to bring up my questions and so I’ve got the following information –

They were married couples for 59 years now. I’ve got an unsolicited advice, she said, “If you want your relationship to go that far, you need to work hard. I am talking about – work really really hard lady! Be nice to each other, do not try to mess up with him in any way.” That is the moment when I felt that I was able to listen to the innate goodness inside a man’s heart (in this case old woman.) And to tell you it feels great!!!

Flight duration is almost four hours that is why I am writing to avoid sleeping. I wish to have a complete sleep on my sister’s place before attending to the gathering that’s about to happen 10 hours from now.

Plane trip is one big fight I combated by Faith. My trust is in HIM who knows that I’m here on the plane with high hopes that tonight I’ll be able to take part on the Thanksgiving. My life is in His hands so there is nothing to worry about.

That’s all for now.

Have a good week ahead,

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