In Love.

It feels right when you see somebody believing in you. Like having somebody on the backstage shouting, “You can do it with His help!”

Blessings came unexpectedly. Something that I wouldn’t trade. Hardships gone through before having them were all worth it. Someone said, “Are you going to stop after enduring or sacrificing all these years?” It’s true!

Stand to be corrected, did realize something last night. It is not easy to be in a relationship because:
1. You’ll deal with more people (your better half, your soon to be in-laws, his friends, his officemates, his boss, his pet, etc – But I was blessed, they’re superbly good gifts in my life.)
2. Your precious time will be divided horribly 🙂
3. It’s not right to worry, but you worry when it’s late and he’s not home yet, worry about the food he eats, worry that he consumes much of the caffeine on his fave iced tea…
4. and so much more…

Those seem to be terrible. There’ll be a time when you feel so tired and will find your hands full of load. I felt that, years back… but after trying to quit… it’s painful… excruciating, I should say.

Back to the realization… When we do things in love, we’ll never grow tired of doing it. No ifs, no buts.

Blessed to have a good man! 🙂 Thanks be to God.

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Biblically amazed!

One thought on “In Love.

  1. i think saying “I wanna GROW IN LOVE with you” will be better than “I wanna GROW OLD with you” 🙂

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