Basyang’s visit – a night filled with prayers and tears

July 13, 2010

It was nine in the evening yesterday when I arrived home seeing my grandma on the door step all worried. “Typhoon’s coming. Aren’t you worried?” she asked. A sweet smile was the only response she got from me.

I had my dinner, went online for few hours then lied beside grandma to sleep. It was twelve midnight when the wind started to blow really hard and awakened everybody with the loud whistling sound it produces. My aunt, uncle and grandma were too afraid that it might cause our house serious damages.

Half an hour later there were sounds of breaking glasses, falling roofs, and crying voices. That is the time when everybody realized that the condition is getting worse. We started praying.

The first thing that I thought of was, “the wind, rain, nature fulfills their duty to God.” It was the repeating thought that ran through my head until I get to sleep soundly again. I was so amazed how nature’s obedience to God made many people kneel down to call upon His name. I said to myself, if tonight we die, at least I felt the feeling of being grateful. There were so many things that I remembered.

Flash backs of childhood, days when I lie down in bed enduring my bronchial asthma, days when I see my mom and dad smile to each other, days when my grandma takes me to school and brings my “baon” during breaks and the wonderful days I enjoy with friends and my dear significant other . There were sad scenarios that flashed back too. The day when everybody hated me for choosing the best decision I took in my entire life – to change my lifestyle and believe to the God that cannot lie being preached by Bro. Eli Soriano.

All those thoughts appeased me. The very thought that I might die with all my heart  acknowledging His loving kindness made me feel grateful all the more.

It’s July 14, 2010, there were damages in our garden, roof, and electricity lines. It is God who took care of us overnight.

That is one midnight with Basyang 🙂

All grateful,


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