Should mothers feel loved only during Mother’s Day?

It’s a good feeling to spend my holiday with mom. She never changed. She is always busy – at home – ensuring Borromeo kids are okay. 🙂

Am I pissed on people who remember their mom’s only during what they call Mother’s Day? Yes, I am. With all the sacrifices they all do for us, maybe we can make them feel special even on “ordinary days”.

Best things that mom does or says…

  1. Mom smiles when I did something good. 🙂
  2. Mom treats me a good dinner when she knows I’m stressed.
  3. Mom taught me how to pray. She often tells me, “Speak up. Speak to Him, He listens to good children. But you need to be good for Him to hear you.” (That’s past and I remain grateful remembering that.)
  4. Mom tells me, don’t push yourself too much. If you feel that is not your cup of tea then be brave to discover the gift in you.
  5. “Why?” When mom asks me that, I somehow feel comfort. Does she know I’m not feeling well?
  6. “Stop that.” At least I know she still cares. 🙂
  7. “I love you dear daughter.” I melt when I hear this.

What about you? What’s the best thing that you love about your mom?

Oops, before I go, I have something special for mother’s out there, especially career moms…

“Material things are not enough. You send them money, chocolates… Those are not enough. There should be words of wisdom, words of love, words of care and affection, words of advice. Those are needed. Especially when you know the verses in the Bible, cite them in your letters, that will be implanted in a child’s heart. If you give your child too much money, he might get into drugs, and go astray. Doctrine should always be involved. That’s how it is.” – Bro. Eli Soriano

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3 thoughts on “Should mothers feel loved only during Mother’s Day?

  1. Yes that’s why I chose this theme for my blog. Flickr – cool beans! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Ayden. 🙂

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