Good evening good Samaritans

Hmm… My tears beg to fall down, I’m so touched.

I just received a text message:

“Dad and the good Samaritan have met. He received my phone.”

A cab took us home last night from a very special event. Few hours after, I got informed by Theo that his phone was lost. He had a hunch that he left it in the cab. I was really sad for him because I know that mobile has a sentimental value. 😦  But then again we realize, there’s nothing that we can do but accept that the orange mobile was lost!

(deep sigh)

to make the long story short —

I got a text message now from Theo: “Dad and the good Samaritan have m

et. He received my phone.”

The next passenger of the cab took the phone with her. She have read the messages coming into Theo’s mailbox and decided to furnish him with the address where claim the lost mobile. Yipee! 🙂

What inspires me most is the battle that Ms. Lost and Found has triumphed. She said that she thought of keeping the mobile phone with her for personal use. But it is her conscience, according to her, that prompted her to return it back to Theo.

“This is not mine, it’s not right to keep it and ignore the incoming calls/messages.” She said.

Congratulations Ms. Good Samaritan! God bless you.

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