Bye bye stress

Combating stress – it has been a month now.

“Get out of that security blanket, discover new seas.” Quite promising huh?! Taking on new tasks is never easy. We need to adjust and maintain a good working appetite. This what I try to do.

1. Pray.

2. Say no if you can’t. “I tried my best but it seems that this is not my cup of tea.”

3. Exert extra effort. But don’t – never – leave other priorities behind because of work.

4. Admit to yourself that you’re not a super woman, let others help you.

5. Career won’t matter if your health is at risk.

6.  Smile.

7. Always remember that there should be a noble reason why you work. “Why am I working? Am I doing things for my own?”

Life is beautiful. Blessings come unexpectedly. Thanks to You. 🙂

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