DanielRazon.com: Mr. Public Service’s New Website Shows off New Face

Extraordinary people do not stop thinking about welfare of others. They show compassion to those who have less in this life. A piece of their Channel or Prada bag has brought smiles to people who lost their homes due to typhoons that visited the country late last year. One time big time altruist act of Angel Locsin and co-actresses made me admire them.

How much more if a person extends a helping hand every single day of his life? That can be something BIG! First in the country’s Transient Home for the homeless, free bus ride, free MRT ride for senior citizen, free ”jeepney” ride, free plane rides for OFWs, free college education, free consultation to law centre, medical mission, and others are fruits of Kuya Daniel Razon’s hard work. I find him most admirable among all public servants obviously because of his consistent output humanitarian deeds to his countrymen.

It gives me a good feeling to hear news about him. It inspires and gives me hope to this country. I am glad the new website of Kuya Daniel was launched recently. His life is an open book to his fans, friends, and detractors but still the site is compelling to visit to know more about him. His passion for arts, music and of course public service is being showcased by his new website.

Kuya Daniel Razon - New Website

Kindness and love for countrymen or even to foreign people is something that money can never buy. Those undertakings are seen by people. No matter how they speak falsely against Kuya Daniel, they can never erase the fact that he is one true “MR. PUBLIC SERVANT”!

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