It’s a good day to reflect

Here I am with asthma, fever and flu after the fascination to what I’ve heard yesterday. My muscles are like squeezed by a sumo wrestler. Getting busy at work gives us no excuse to skip vitamin intakes. I’m all guilty.

On my way home last night, tears suddenly fell. Thinking it was 5 years of Saturdays and Sundays that I suffer from asthma. Having asthma is like dying each time you catch for breath. Well, lungs and its whistles make lovely music. Good thing that I’ve heard a wise man saying,

“Nothing should hinder us from doing what we have to do. May it be an illness, may it be people who go against us or may it be our own selves.”

This morning while taking some rest I was thinking, did I do something unpleasant? It’s good to ponder and reflect today. 😀

Got the thing out of my head. Now I know why! Things happen for our own good. Whatever it is. Now I should regain my strength to do things I need to do. To face Saturdays and Sundays with asthma is something to be excited about. His loving kindness is never lacking.

Have a blessed week ahead,

Angela 😀

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