Morning exercise


7:30 am

It was 6 am. Early bird for today, grabbed my running shoes and went straight to warm up exercise then jogging. I was hopeful that my sweat will come out since it doesn’t come out every time. And glad after an hour of jogging it did. My empty stomach requested a good breakfast right after.

Breakfast or reading? Not so tough decision has to be made. Reading won! William Zinsser’s “On Writing Well” gave me a great deal. It feeds me information while I get good pieces of advice and bliss while reading. It’s learning while enjoying. Profitable isn’t it?

Now it’s really a gastronomic impulse… have to go!

~ Alsie

Some other thoughts:

My friend told me to observe a Karate rule “respect my centerline”. So will I – with His help. (Oh how I miss our martial arts class!) “Start things right on when we feel the need of doing it, he adds.” Writing can be a tedious task only if you do lose passion in doing it. Writing is hard but should not be tedious.

What I did this morning would definitely help for the coming Isang Araw Lang (Just One Day) Marathon in January 31.

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