Get Ready: Isang Araw Lang Marathon for Free Education

Early this morning this thought echoes on my head, “Catch up! Jog Angela!”

Maybe because I feel so unprepared these past few weeks knowing Just One Day Marathon (Isang Araw Lang Takbo para sa libreng kolehiyo) is fast approaching.

Years back I was able to jog on Sundays with some good old friends. We do warm up exercise before heading off to our fun jogging. They used to stop me from sitting down when I seem to be exhausted. Gradual transition from running to rest must take place, they say. And many more friendly reminders… click here 🙂

When is the best time to jog?

“Doing cardio first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, before you eat anything, is by far, the most effective. Whether you run, jog, walk, swim, jump rope, take an aerobics class, ride a bike, etc., doing it first thing in the morning is the best time to do it for maximum fat loss. Why? It’s simple. When you do your cardio workout, you are burning calories. Let’s say you wake up, eat breakfast, eat lunch later in the day, and then a few hours after lunch, you do your cardio. All you will be doing during that cardio is burning the calories and carbs of the food you just ate. When you do cardio first thing in the morning, you haven’t eaten anything for the last 8 or so hours because you were sleeping. So, when your body sees that there are no carbs to burn, it goes directly to stored bodyfat. And stored bodyfat is the fat that is on your body, which is the fat that you want to lose! (Check this out for more.)”

Let us get ready for another act of goodwill. This concept out of Kuya Daniel Razon’s good heart will surely change a number of lives.

Glory be to God!

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5 thoughts on “Get Ready: Isang Araw Lang Marathon for Free Education

  1. ei they did it., more than 50k runner participated in this event.. then got the new record in the world

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