7 thoughts on “What gives you an excuse to work?

  1. beautiful….
    We should elevate our selves from a mere listener to a happy giver.

  2. He is in a hurry… to work, to earn, to eat, to survive…

    But it does not stop there… and the world needs to know that…

    Thanks be to God!

  3. Thanks for sharing Alsie – very inspiring! i believe that we should always keep this in mind: To be thankful for everyday that we get to live.

    Here’s a little something of my own that i’d also like to share with you:

    Life is filled with ups and downs, faces change from smiles to frowns.
    Yesterday quickly passes through; Tomorrow is up to me and you.
    Let our choices be the best, so there is nothing to regret.
    Adapt from the past so we can cope, and see the future rise with hope.
    Remember today is a gift… to learn, to love, and to live.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Kimi! 🙂

    It is God’s loving kindness that drives me to be thankful to Him all the more!

  5. Somebody requested to put it Tagalog, here it is,

    2Th 3:10 (TAB) Sapagka’t noon pa mang kami ay kasama ninyo, ay aming iniutos ito sa inyo, Kung ang sinoman ay ayaw gumawa, ay huwag din namang kumain.

  6. May God bless this man, for he has known the value of a hard work’s pay, and he thrives in it. Decently, he works, for his and his family’s necessities.

    May God bless and keep him, and you as well. 🙂

  7. Yes he sets himself apart from all jobless people (who spare themselves from facing life’s reality that man has to work)!
    May he be blessed…may we all be.
    Thanks be to Our Almighty!

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